The result is a family of products with unique characteristics: the blend, delicate and fruity on the palate, the cultivar, fragrant and with a mild and balanced spiciness, the 'organic olive oil, from the high organoleptic features and preserves, prepared by following the the oldest Sicilian traditions.

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The attention to detail is our philosophy and the cornerstone of the entire production process, from the olive harvest in the first week of October until the milling in forty-eight hours.

The result not only of technology, but also the spirit of sacrifice and professionalism of the employees that the company uses. To date our company, our family, looks to the future with optimism always aiming at best.

The history and the passion for what is now a tradition that has been handed down over three generations, is getting married today with the new Alfa Laval technologies, leaders in the oil sector, to give life to an innovative and targeted project that foregrounds customer needs.

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