100% Nocellara del Belice. The celebration of four centuries since the founding of the territory Mirabella Imbaccari. Collected in the first ten days of October, the oil is clear in color with green hues. Nose has an intense scent of green tomatoes, artichokes, beans and basil. On the palate is delicate with a mild and balanced sensations of pleasant spicy with a little bitter end. Ideal on the first, meat, salads.

025ve 0.25 lt
05ve 0.5 lt
5acc 5 lt
3acc 3 lt
017acc 0.175 lt
pack1 pack1
Black metal case 190 Silver metal case 190
pack2 pack3
Special case 108 wood case 290
pack4 pack5
wood case 280 tris case

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