Artichokes hearts

Tasty artichoke, prepared according to the most ancient Sicilian traditions, they appreciate the unique flavor of an original peasant recipe. The careful manufacturing process consists of several stages. The first choice of the product, grown in hilly terrain (350 meters s.l.m) occurs in open field: you collect the most tender buds, not larger than 50 mm in diameter. Artichokes in the factory undergo a further process of careful selection and then suffer a light cooking in water and vinegar to prepare them for defoliation. The raw material, once worked by hand, is preserved in special containers in order to allow a correct fermentation. Only by following these rigorous procedures, which determine the attainment of a proper pH, the product may proceed to the second stage of manufacture. Artichokes are flavored with garlic, crushed red pepper in hand, oregano and mint with strong perfumes, condiments that give the product a special flavor. Placed in jars, artichokes They are dipped in olive oil.

ve130 130 gr.
ve230 230 gr.
pack1 pack1
Black metal case 190 Silver metal case 190
pack2 pack3
Special case 108 wood case 290
pack4 pack5
wood case 280 tris case

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