Dry Tomatoes

The cherry tomato is known worldwide for her in? Nite sweetness and fragrance as well as being rich in vitamin C, minerals, lycopene and beta-carotene. Characteristic for the “cherry” appearance of a cluster in a herringbone pattern with round fruit, small, with an excellent color. It lies in the sun the extraordinary importance of the transformation of our cherry tomatoes process. Yes, because it is the sun that our tomatoes are dried. In an era in which technology might or? Rire multiple drying solutions, we choose to proceed with the method of our grandparents: feel the real taste of dried tomatoes and closing his eyes for a moment try and enjoy the ride, feel strong flavor the
Sun. Placed in the jar dried cherry tomatoes are ricolmati with excellent olive oil.

ve130 130 gr.
ve230 230 gr.
pack1 pack1
Black metal case 190 Silver metal case 190
pack2 pack3
Special case 108 wood case 290
pack4 pack5
wood case 280 tris case

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