Imbaccari Terra born from a totally biologic culture. 50% Biancolilla 50 % Nocellara of Belice. Collected in the first ten days of October, the oil is golden yellow in color. Clear. Nose opens with a large bouquet of almonds and spicy notes of black pepper. To the taste is complex of personality with tones of herbs with basil, mint and thyme in evidence. Perfect on seafood appetizers and soups.

025ve 0.25 lt
05ve 0.5 lt
5acc 5 lt
3acc 3 lt
017acc 0.175 lt

*0.175lt while stocks last

pack1 pack1
Black metal case 190 Silver metal case 190
pack2 pack3
Special case 108 wood case 290
pack4 pack5
wood case 280 tris case

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