Frantoi Berretta: the history of true Sicilian extra virgin olive oil

From the heart of Sicily to the tables of Italians

The taste and aroma of authentic Sicilian extra virgin olive oil in its noble facets.
From the fragrance of medium intensity and from the harmonious taste of the Feudo up to the intense fragrance and to the mild and pleasant sensation of spiciness of the 400; from the lively hint of green Soprano tomatoes to the softness of the Sottano palate, passing through the seductive aroma of fresh Maccarisi field herbs and the rich personality flavor of the organic Terra.

Six diversity of extra virgin olive oil united by a unique satisfying culinary sensory experience by Frantoi Berretta. The historical and cultural roots of the Berretta oil mill have been very proud to have been in Mirabella Imbaccari since 1905, between the Ennesi hills and the Iblei Mountains in eastern Sicily.

An ideal place pervaded by an intangible aura that has remained unchanged over the centuries and where the ancient agricultural memories have sedimented the traces of a thousand-year history. A tradition that has been handed down for more than three generations and that today marries with the new Alfa Laval technologies, a leader in the oil sector, to create an innovative and targeted project that places the customer’s needs at the forefront.

From the olive harvest in the first week of October to the milling in the following forty-eight hours: The care for details is our philosophy as well as the cornerstone of the process for the production of extra virgin olive oil, a process that is the result of technology but also of the spirit of sacrifice and of the professionalism of the collaborators that the company uses.

The varieties of our extra virgin Sicilian olive oil bear witness to a strong, heartfelt and deep bond with the territory: they lead, in fact, names that belong to the rich heritage of our oviculture and that cover the entire hill Imbaccari incorporating the ex fief Baldo, Sottano and Soprano and the former fief Imbaccari Sottano.

The result of our efforts and our passion for high quality is a family of products with unique characteristics: the blend, delicate and fruity on the palate, the monocultivar, fragrant and with a light and balanced sensation of spicy and organic oil , with fine organoleptic characteristics.

Frantoi Berretta is not only synonymous with Sicilian extra virgin olive oil: among our products we also include paté (tomatoes, green olives and artichokes) and preserves (artichoke hearts and dried tomatoes), expertly prepared according to ancient traditions and inimitable Sicilian recipes.

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