Oil produced from olives autochthonous is limpid with shades of light green. Scents of medium intensity with hints of artichoke plants in particular. In the mouth reveals good density and a balanced combination of bitter and spicy. Overall harmonious, leaves pleasurable sensations and prolonged. Combined with legumes and pasta dishes.

Scheda tecnica


Brand: Feudo
Year: 2022
Company: Frantoi Berretta
Location: Mirabella Imbaccari (CT) – Sicily, Italy
Cultivar: 50% Nocellara del Belice, 50% Biancolilla
Harvesting date: October
Harvesting technique: Manually
Crushing:  Hammers
Extraction method: Continuous cold cycle ( <27°)
Yield: lt. 15 o Oil from 100 kg of olives
Conservation: In staniless steel silos whitout oxygen
Sedimentation: Natural
Acidity: Expressed as free oleic acid < 0,3
Nutritional values per 14 ml tablespoon = 13.5 g:
Total fat 13.5 g, Protein &lt;0.1 g, Cholesterol < 0.06 mg.
Chemical / physical characteristics:
Compliant with the production specification pursuant to EEC regulation no. 2568/91 and subsequent amendments and additions.
Organoleptic characteristics:
Feudo comes with a golden yellow color, with shades of green, clear and a marked bitter and spicy overtones.
Pairings: fish, bruschettas and soup, grilled meat




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