Imbaccari Sottano is a fine blend, composed of 55% Iblea round, 30% Nocellara and 15% Cerasuola.
Harvested in October, the oil is jade green with a bouquet of artichoke and bitter almond. The taste is soft and full-flavored, maintaining all the characteristics of freshly picked olives. Ideal on cooked vegetables and meat-based first courses.

Data Sheet


Brand: Imbaccari: Sottano
Company: Frantoi Berretta
Production area: Mirabella Imbaccari (CT) – Sicily, (Italy).
Cultivar: Tonda Iblea 55% nocellara 30% Cerasuola 15%
Harvest period: Month of October.
Harvesting technique: By hand.
Crushing: Hammers.
Extraction plant: Continuous cold cycle (<27 °).
Surrender: For 100 kg of olives lt. 15 of oil produced.
Storage: In stainless steel silos in complete absence of oxygen.
Decanting: Natural.
Acidity: Expressed in free oleic acid <0.3.
Nutritional values per 14 ml tablespoon = 13.5 g:
Total fat 13.5 g, Protein <0.1 g, Cholesterol <0.06 mg.
Chemical / physical characteristics:
Compliant with the production specification pursuant to EEC regulation no. 2568/91 and subsequent amendments and
Organoleptic characteristics:
The oil obtained from the blend has a jade green color with a bouquet of artichoke and bitter almond, soft and full on
the palate, it maintains the characteristics of the freshly harvested olives.



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